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General Information

Tournament Structure
All teams will be guaranteed three games, each consisting of two 30-minute halves. All teams are guaranteed to have two games on Saturday and one games on Sunday. Teams placing at the top of their brackets, after three games, may play an additional game to determine division championships. Prizes (non-monetary) will be awarded to division winners.

Player Information
Players may play on only one Open team and one Over 35ís team. Players must be at least 18 years old in order to play in the tournament, players must be 30 years or older to play in the Over 35ís bracket. Players must wear shin guards and matching jerseys. Teams listed as "home" must change jerseys in case of color conflict. Teams may have on the field 5 men, 5 women, and a goalie of either gender. Unlimited substitutions will be allowed.

Divisions will consist of teams that rate themselves equally on their entry forms, from Very Competitive to Recreational. If enough teams request an Over 35 division within the same level of competition, one will be formed. If there is not enough interest in Over 35ís, those teams that requested will be placed in their second choice division. Players will be allowed to play on one Over 35ís teams as well as one Open team.

Fees and Schedules
Entry fee is $500.  All entries must be postmarked no later than June 17, .  No teams will be taken after the deadline.  No teams accepted without fee.  Checks will be cashed June 1st.  Please send registration form & fee to:

Jet City Soccer Invitational
201 NW 101st
Seattle, WA 98177

Checks should be payable to NWCSL. Tournament information will be send to you around June 10th.  If you have any questions about the Jet City Invitational, please send email inquiries to: 

Rules of Competition
The Jet City Invitational is sponsored by Northwest Adult Soccer League. The Northwest Adult Soccer League is affiliated with the Washington State Soccer Association. The tournament will follow FIFA rules except for modifications noted in the following paragraphs.

Age Requirements
Open Division Teams: All players must be 18 years of age by the tournament date. 

Over 35's Division Teams: All players must be 30 years of age or older by the tournament date.

Underage players will be suspended from play in the tournament and a team with an underage player will receive a forfeit for any matches in which the underage player participated.

A player can register with and play for only one Open Division team and/or one Over 30's Division team. A player will not be able to play on two teams within the same division.

Roster forms will be mailed prior to the tournament to team captains. Captains must turn in the Tournament Roster along with player cards prior to the start of their first match at the registration table. Please plan to arrive at the tournament site at least thirty minutes prior to first match.

No changes or additions are allowed to the team roster thereafter. Remember to include all players (even those just playing on Sunday) on the roster. Players not on the team roster will be suspended from further play in the tournament and the team will receive a forfeit for matches the player participated in.

Game rosters will be given to the referee along with individual player cards prior to each match. Player cards will be returned to team captains at the end of the match. Referees will turn in game rosters to the registration table.

Game Times
All division matches will be two 30 minute halves. All championship matches will be two 45 minute halves.

In order for a successful tournament games must start on time. Games which start after the posted game start will be shortened by the referee. Teams unable to field a team within five minutes of game time will forfeit. Seven players are needed to start a match.

Players on the Pitch
During a match there will be a maximum of five men and a maximum of five women on the field. The goal keeper may be either gender. If a gender cannot field five players, the team will play short in that gender and may not make up the difference by increasing the other gender over five players.

Home team listed first changes jerseys in case of color conflict. Each team must have two sets of uniforms in case of color conflict. Shin guards are required, socks must be worn over shin guards and be pulled up to completely cover the shin guards.

Substitution will be unlimited on any dead ball situation, subject to the referee's discretion.

Slide Tackling Rule
In order to reduce the possibility of injury, there will be no slide tackling in the vicinity of another player. Slide tackling will be considered a dangerous play foul. Slide tackling is defined as a play where any player intentionally tackles an opponent who has control of the ball and comes in contact with the playing surface with any part of their body other than the soles of their feel.

Exceptions: Sliding to control a free ball, with no other player in the vicinity is not considered a slide tackle foul. A player may go to the ground to block a shot or pass if they do not endanger other players.

Division Match Scoring
Division matches ending in a tie will stand. Points will be awarded to teams based on the outcome of a match:

6 points = win
3 points = tie
1 point = shutout

If teams are tied in points, ties will be broker by Head to head competition.  The team with the least amount of goals scored against them. The team with the most goals scored. Coin toss by tournament official.

Championship Match
Winner of championship will be by game score. If tied at the end of regulation time, two 10 minute overtime periods will be played. If still tied, penalty kicks will be taken by players on the field at the end of the overtime periods. First with three women and two men, alternating with a woman starting. If still tied after the first five shooters, the penalty kicks continue alternating men and women until one team leads after a round.

Catch-all Rule
Any situation not covered by the tournament rules of competition or FIFA laws of the game will be resolved by the tournament committee.

Cautions & Ejections
One red card or two yellow cards in a match equal an ejection. If a player is ejected from a match, the team will play short for the remainder of the match. The ejected player's player card will be turned into the registration table by the referee and the player will not be allowed to play in the following scheduled match.

If a player receives a second red card or the equivalent in yellow cards, he or she will be dismissed from the tournament. There will be no exceptions. The penalty for fighting will be immediate dismissal from the tournament, player will be required to vacate the  complex.

Violence and abuse will not be tolerated. Teams will be held responsible for the actions of their players, coach and fans. Players or teams will be dismissed from the tournament if necessary to maintain a calm, safe playing atmosphere.





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